What Is Dark Mode And How To Enable Dark Mode On Snapchat?

Video What Is Dark Mode And How To Enable Dark Mode On Snapchat?

If you love to browse through your phone at night, then you probably are a user that would need to use the “Dark Mode” feature in Snapchat. This feature will help to lessen the side effects of your eye’s long-term exposure to bright lights and make browsing in the dark a better experience.

Part 1: What Is Dark Mode – And Should You Be Using It?

“Dark Mode” is a feature on all phones where you can automatically adjust the brightness of your phone and transforms your phone setting to a darker theme layout. In “Dark Mode,” all the text on the screen will be in a lighter color in contrast to the dark background, so the exposure won’t be harmful to your eyes which could result in headaches or eye strains.

If you look at your phone most of the day and even before sleeping, then you should be using this feature. Looking at our phones for a long time can be very harmful to our eyes. Especially for those who browse their phone at night, the dark mode will change the system to darker layouts so it can be easy to look at your phone.

Part 2: How to Turn on and Use Dark Mode in Snapchat on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

If you hold an iOS phone and want to enable using “Dark Mode” for your Snapchat application, you can follow the steps that we will share to be able to browse through your phone at night without any hassle.

  • Step 1: Open the Snapchat application.
  • Step 2: After, tap on your profile picture that is located on the upper left of the screen.
  • Step 3: From there, you can look for “Settings,” which is located on the upper right of the screen with the cog icon.

click settings

  • Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the list or until you find “App Appearance” from the list.

turn on and use dark mode in snapchat

  • Step 5: After, you will need to tap on the “Always Dark” option to enable the dark mode on your Snapchat all day. Else, you can choose “match system” to be able to use the lighter layout of snapchat when it’s daytime.

turn on and use dark mode in snapchat

Part 3: How to Turn on and Use Dark Mode in Snapchat on your Android phone

Setting the “Dark Mode” on Android phones is completely different from when you do it on iOS phones. You will need to put your whole system on “Dark Mode” to be able to browse your Snapchat at night.

Now for our Android phone users who want to enable “Dark Mode” for their Snapchat application, you can follow the steps below to check your snaps for a long time at night.

  • Step 1: First, go to the “Setting” on your phone with the cog icon.
  • Step 2: Then, you can scroll and go to “Display” or “Display & Brightness” from the list of options.

turn on and use dark mode in snapchat

  • Step 3: Next, scroll through the options and click on “Dark Mode” or “Dark Theme”.

turn on and use dark mode in snapchat

  • Step 4: You can then go back to “Settings” and choose “System” or “About Phone”.

turn on and use dark mode in snapchat

  • Step 5: You can tap on “Advanced” and then choose “Developer Options” from the list.
  • Step 6: Lastly, look for “Override Force-Dark” and make sure that you toggle it on. Then this setting will enable dark mode for all applications including Snapchat.

Part 4: FAQs

1. Why Don’t I Have Dark Mode on Snapchat?

There could be multiple reasons why your phone does not allow “Dark Mode” for the Snapchat application. The first reason could be that you are using an Android phone and with Androids, there currently is no setting in the Snapchat application that can enable the dark mode and you will need additional steps to enable it. Snapchat mentioned that it is in their pipeline to release the dark mode setting for Android phones, but they have not released the date for this update.

Another probable reason you do not have the dark mode in your Snapchat is that your application could not be updated to the latest software update. You can check if your application is updated to its latest version by going to App Store or Play Store and updating the application if necessary.

2. Is dark mode better or worse for your eyes?

There have not been any studies confirming that using “Dark Mode” on your phone will make your eyesight better. Some people will say that it has good benefits when you use it at night. Some would say that it helps them have fewer headaches or migraines when they stare at the screen for too long. Some experts say that it will lessen the eye strain that you normally would get when you stare at your screen for a long time and also prolong your phone battery’s life. Therefore, if you want to be able to use your phone for a long time, we suggest that you put your phone or Snapchat on Dark Mode for easier browsing.

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Snapchat has announced that it will release a “Dark Mode” for all Android phones without going through the extra steps compared to enabling it in iPhone mobiles. We are hoping that we can get that update soon as well.

We hope that the steps we shared above will help make your Snapchat experience more enjoyable and with “Dark Mode” enabled, you can browse more on your phone at night without it causing too much “eye strain” on your part. Now, you can enjoy Snapchat even more in the dark.

Through this article, we hope to help you understand How to turn on dark mode on snapchat

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