What does one tick on Whatsapp mean – Best Tricks to you

If you want to read messages but don’t want to reveal to the sender that you have seen it, some tricks have been cracked that may help you to do the same. Here is a trick that you may find worth if you are using WhatsApp Web. This trick allows you to read messages as they come even without getting a blue tick to the sender and when your ‘Read receipts’ option is on. Besides, there are other status which refer grey ticks or white ticks. So, “What does one tick on Whatsapp mean?”

1. The answer of What does one tick on Whatsapp mean?

As WhatsApp users, you can know that whenever a text is sent, a single tick mark will appear to indicate your message was sent. These two ticks mean your message was delivered, and two blue ticks will mean your message has been read.

In the ‘Read receipt’ feature, the double ticks turn blue which means the recipient has read it. WhatsApp also provides the optional feature of turning off the blue tick option. But, this does not let the sender know whether the receiver has already read his/her messages or not.

If you don’t these mentioned cases occurs, here is the trick which you can read messages without letting anyone know and the blue tick optional feature still on! Yes, it’s true, you can read messages without letting your enemies know. Here’s are the simple steps to start using the trick:

2. How to change one tick into the other in the Whatsapp?

  • Firstly and foremost, open your WhatsApp on any computers through WhatsApp Web window.
  • Secondly, Open window or Notepad file, and change its size so that you can see the full WhatsApp Web chat display in the background. A picture is normally attached for reference.
  • Tap the Notepad file and keep your mouse cursor there. This aims to ensure that you are engaged in notepad, as the computer thinks you are working in a different window.

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After following the above steps you should notice that whenever messages will load in the background chat window, you can see and read without being marked as reading with the blue ticks. At this point, they will be double grey ticks, meaning that the messages are received by you, but are not read.

When you are satisfied with marking them as read, click the WhatsApp Web chat window and those ticks will instantly turn into blue.

However, you can only read the content of one chat at a certain time, which means for every chat you have to follow the steps.

Moreover, there is another method that you can use on your mobile to read messages without disabling blue tick options. When you receive a message, scroll down the notification panel and switch on the airplane/flight mode. After that, you can open the WhatsApp chat and read the messages. After reading, user needs to close the Whatsapp and remove it from the multi-window so that it is closed in the background. Later, you can sync when being online. After closing the Whatsapp completely, users should switch off the airplane mode again.

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