Why I can’t skip ads on Youtube and solution


“Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?” you might wonder. I’ve also been there. You must have noticed YouTube’s ad approach has altered throughout the years, right? You’ve probably tried to watch a great video and seen a pop-up ad with a 5-second countdown that won’t let you skip it until it finishes.

If you haven’t been able to avoid advertising until the end of the video, YouTube has a valid explanation for it. Young people used to have no choice but to watch their favorite shows on cable television while simultaneously watching the five-minute ad breaks. However, now that Hulu, Netflix, and HBO have arrived, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and a slew of other social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to reach younger generations with their advertisements.

“Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?” you might wonder. Other than a browser issue, there are a few possibilities. Continue reading, however. I’m about to tell you what to do if you ever have trouble skipping advertising.

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?

YouTube is attempting to persuade users to watch these advertisements in order to aid content creators. They believe it is unfair for content providers to put in the effort and create videos that benefit viewers only to receive no compensation as a result of users avoiding advertisements. As a result, they switched to non-skip ads.

When YouTube realized advertisers weren’t getting the returns they wanted, they started using non-skip ads in 2018. This had an impact on content creators and YouTube’s earnings.

When YouTube first introduced non-skip ads, they only made them available to a select group of artists, but by 2022, every video will have non-skippable commercials.

However, I’m sure the problems you’re having with YouTube are more serious than the above non-skippable advertising for those of you reading this blog post.

Now, to respond to your question, “Why can’t I bypass advertisements on YouTube?” Many factors could be at play, including your browser and all of its plugins.

Why can't I skip the advertisements on YouTube?
Why can’t I skip the ads on YouTube?

What is the solution to this problem about skip ads

There are a variety of extensions that can wreak havoc on your browsing experience, particularly if you’re on YouTube. To avoid skippable commercials, simply go through all of the extensions on your browser, disable them, and return to YouTube to see if you can now skip ads.

If you’re still puzzled as to why you can’t skip any commercials, it’s because the most prevalent types of video ads on YouTube are non-skippable timed ads. You only have to view them for 5 seconds before you can skip.

These things can be aggravating at times, which is why YouTube limited them to 5 seconds. They examine the following four factors:

  • Companies will stop paying them if they do not reach these advertising to their intended audiences. That means they won’t be able to earn any money.
  • People rarely wanted to watch advertising when they could skip them. They despise it vehemently. Some users even go so far as to install extensions to prevent adverts from interrupting their videos, which could have an impact on creators’ earnings.
  • These businesses have made so much money from advertisements that their sales will suffer if people stop viewing them.
  • If creators continue to lose money, they will cease developing content, and you will no longer receive the free advice you have been receiving.

So, if everyone works together, it’s a win-win situation.

The solution to this problem about skip ads
The solution to this problem about skip ads

It’s either a browser extension issue or you haven’t been paying attention to the method of ad presentation if you’ve been seeing unskippable advertising. So allow me to assist you! Skippable and non-skippable adverts are both present on YouTube, and they all serve a useful purpose.


Ads that can be skipped

These types of advertisements are popular at the start of YouTube videos. As a result, you never attempt to view a video on any subject that interests you. These are the first adverts you’ll come across.

These types of advertising are great for components since viewers have no choice but to watch the commercials, but they do have one option: they can skip them after 5 or 10 seconds.

Companies can use this commercial to determine which people ignored it for longer than the “5 seconds mandatory watch,” which people allowed the ad to run its course, and lastly, which people clicked on the ad. These adverts, on the other hand, only take a few minutes if you opt to watch them all the way through.

The benefit of this sort of advertising is that it is a low-risk type of advertising for a corporation because they know they will reach a larger audience.

Everyone is thrilled with skip ads, including viewers who are trying to watch a video. Why? Because after a few seconds, people can skip the advertising. The advertiser is confident that their advertisements were seen by their intended audience. YouTube makes more money, and content creators make more money as well.

This skip ads is a win-win situation for everyone.

Ads that can be skipped
Ads that can be skipped

Advertisements that cannot be skipped

They started with a 30-second commercial for this campaign, but they’ve since cut it down to just 20 seconds. One thing to keep in mind about this form of advertising is that it comes in three flavors:

  • Pre-Roll Ads: These appear before the video you wish to view begins to play. However, the fact that they are really short-clip advertising is a plus. As a result, it’s not too bothersome.
  • Mid-Roll Ads: While watching a video on YouTube, people have noted that the film abruptly stops and an advertisement appears. This is referred to as a “mid-roll advertisement.” It can appear multiple times in a video. It all depends on how long you want to watch the video.
  • Bumper ads: Advertisers rarely utilize these types of ads. They appear towards the end of a video and last only a few seconds. It’s probably only a few seconds long, maybe 6 or 5 seconds.
Advertisements that cannot be skipped
Advertisements that cannot be skipped

“Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?” I hope this solves your query. If you liked this article, please leave a comment below and tell me if the solution worked for you.

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