All To Real Converter Pro

A professional conversion tool can help you convert AVI/MPEG-1/MP2/MP3/WAV/Quick Time to RM (Real Media Files). Real Media is one of the most popular streaming media formats. All to Real Converter is a perfect tool either for novice or for advanced content creator.

All To Real Converter

087 Convert AVI to RealMedia format.
087 Convert MPEG-1 to RealMedia format.
087 Convert MP2 and MP3 to RealMedia format.
087 Convert WAV to RealMedia format.
087 Convert Quick Time to RealMedia format.
087Edit the message of RealMedia files.
087 It’s easy and fast.
087User-friendly interface.
087 Very small size file, 2000 music/1G hard drive space, 500K hard drive space/every music.
087 Auto scheme parameter.


FAQ about Real Converter.


Audio – Low-Quality MP3 Music
Audio – Normal MP3 Music
Audio – Favor MP3 Music
Audio – Costful MP3 Music
Audio – Narrowband Online Music
Audio – Wideband Online Music
Audio – Homepage Online Music
Video – Static Image (No Sound)
Video – Normal Video, VCD
Video – Costful Video [Normal Motion Video], VCD
Video – Costful Video [Smoothest Motion Video], VCD
Video – Costful Video [Sharpest Image Video], VCD
Video – Normal Video, DVD
Video – Costful Video [Normal Motion Video], DVD
Video – Costful Video [Smoothest Motion Video], DVD
Video – Costful Video [Sharpest Image Video], DVD
Video – Low-Quality Video, Homepage Online
Video – Low-Quality Video, E-mail
Video – Low-Quality Video Online, 56K Modem
Video – Middle-Quality Video Online, ISDN Modem
Video – Middle-Quality Video Online, LAN Modem
Video – High-Quality Video Online, DSL/Cable Modem

File Type:

Single-rate Multi-rate SureStream

Audio Format:

Voice Only Voice with Background Music
Music Stereo Music

Video Quality:

Normal Motion Video Smoothest Motion Video
Sharpest Image Video Slide Show

RM files message:

214 Title-the title of the clip.
214 Author-the name of the clip’s creator.
214 Copyright-year and owner of the clip’s copyright.
214 Description-a brief summary of the clip’s contents.
214 Keywords-words that you think your audience would use to search for your clip.

RM file Target Audience:

210 28KModem
210 56KModem
210 SingleISDN
210 DualISDN
210 CorporateLAN
210 256KDSLCableModem
210 384KDSLCableModem
210 512KDSLCableModem


  • CPU: Any CPU
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher
  • Disk Space: 20 MB free hard drive space
  • Operating System: WIN XP/WIN 7/WIN 8
  • Color Display: 16-bit
  • Sound Card: 16-bit sound card or better
  • RealPlayer

Faq All To Real Converter Pro

Why the program can’t convert?
You must install realplay and real basic to make the real converter work properly. (Path: application directory\real_basic.exe) .

Why the program can’t convert even though I was able to convert previously?
You need reinstall real basic with this path (Path: application directory\real_basic.exe).

Where can I download the latest version of real basic?
I suggest you use the real-basic web site by clicking here now.

Where is Real basic? I can’t find it.
The real basic application files are usually located in the directory\real_basic.exe (example: C:\Program Files\Real Converter\Real_basic.exe), If you can’t find it, you can download it here now.

Why does Real Converter exit suddenly after start up?
First, please make sure that you are a registered user. If there is any question about the registration code, please email to our support team, and include your code. Usually the problem is with real basic or due to the use of pirated software.

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