How to Share Battery on iPhone | Get Your iPhone Charged Without Battery in 2022

Video How to Share Battery on iPhone | Get Your iPhone Charged Without Battery in 2022

A phone without a battery is a person without a heartbeat. Hence, the battery life of any electronic device like a phone is crucial. You will not want to run out of the battery of your iPhone and run around here and there for a charger. So, you would be happy to know the iPhone you use can share its battery. You only have to know how to share battery on iPhone, and you would have won the war.

iPhone has the unique feature of battery sharing of one phone with another. But there are many criteria that you have to keep in mind while sharing a battery. You need to have the same compatible battery to share. Or you need to have at least a higher battery than iOS 14; otherwise, sharing would not be possible. And always have knowledge about the phone and the battery you are sharing with.

Let us not waste any more time and refer to the article below to know the various nuances of the iPhone before sharing the battery.

How to Share Battery on iPhone?

It is possible to share your battery with iPhone 11 and other phones with iOS 14 or the latest iOS. The iPhone with which you are battery sharing must have compatibility of battery sharing with iOS 14; then, only you can share your battery. For sharing battery, you must place your iPhone, your friend’s iPhone, and the air power mat nearby. They will start sharing power.

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Can You Transfer The iPhone Battery?

It is possible to transfer the iPhone battery from one phone to another. But one thing should be remembered, all the phones are not the same, and their battery is also not the same. Hence, before transferring the battery from one iPhone to another, you must check whether both phones have compatible batteries. Then when you find them compatible and want to transfer the battery from one iPhone to another, refer to the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to do so.

1. Turn off your iPhone.

2. Remove the SIM card tray.

3. Open the case of your iPhone.

4. Get the screws that hold the battery and remove them.

Removing the battery from the iPhone depends on the model you have. It is best to consult the phone’s manual for the instructions.

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Can You Transfer Battery Power From One iPhone to Another Wireless?

The recent trend is transferring battery power from one iPhone to another through wireless charging. The two-way wireless data and battery sharing between two devices can only occur when they have similar hardware setups. With two-way or wireless charging, you can charge your phone and share the power with other devices.

How to Share Battery on iPhone 14?

Charging iPhone 14 is all the same as the method given above for battery share on iPhone. But as it has the latest iOS, there is a little difference between the former method and this one, so please refer to the method provided below.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Both the devices should be on the same iCloud account.

3. Once connected to iCloud, both the batteries will be visible.

4. You can choose the device you want to change.

5. Select and click on the “Charging” button.

You may have trouble connecting the devices to iCloud. When one of the devices is not showing in the Battery section, then you may need to check the settings and make sure that everything is set correctly.

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How to Share Battery Percentage on iPhone

Wrapping Up

The incredible feature of the iPhone, where you can share your battery with other devices, has made the phone the choice of many users. Most people who use iPhones are loyal to the brand and choose the latest version whenever available.

The above article has cleared all your queries regarding how to share battery on iPhone, so if you have further queries regarding iPhone, visit our website Path of EX.

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