How to insert a drop down in Excel immediately only 60s

How to insert a drop down in excel faster and easier in only a few minutes that is effective immediately ? 

If you feel it is difficult to insert a drop down in excel? Wait a minute… Let’s read this one to find a useful solution. It is take about 60s.

(You can watch video before using)

How to insert a drop down in excel?

I am going to share some ways to with a drop-down list you can limit your data moreover, it also saves time and increases efficiency.

S1: Open Excel and choose a blank workbook.

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(How to insert a drop down in excel?)

S2: Choose a column to highlight drop-down menu

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S3: See on the top of the screen, you click Data which is between Formulas and Review and put it in the toolbar.

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S4: click the Data validation which is between Remove Duplicates and Consolidate.

S5: When you choose a setting, a table will be opened, let’s find a menu which has Allow word, next choose List between Decimal and Date from the table.

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S6: Highlight the box that you want to select the options and then choose OK. It is done.

S7:Insert a drop down list is done. By contract, if you wait just a few minutes but it is not run for you immediately, please choose a box marked Source first and next highlight this with colour.

Only some simple steps you can insert a drop down conveniently and fastly. Above that, with only 7 steps you can use it for almost any situation and at any time only just a minute

How to use a drop-down in an Excel Table conveniently?

We can open on the Table topic, because if you add a data validation drop-down to the first cell in a Table, Excel will extend the drop-down to each new record. Let’s take some time to see at this bit of magic:

Create a quick Table by selecting F2:G4. So, choose Ctrl + T, press the My Table has Headers, and then click OK.

Select D4, the box will occur the drop-down and continue creating earlier, and click Ctrl + C.

Select G3, the first cell in that column and press Ctrl + v to copy the drop-down to that cell.

Select a part from the drop-down and click a Tab to insert a new record into the Table. Tab to G4 and you’ll see that the Table copies the drop-down automatically (Figure E). If you’re using Excel to serve for work, right-click the Table, click Insert from the resulting submenu, and next select Table Rows Above. The Excel will copy the drop-down as the desktop version does.

You could have established the Data Validation list using the border so that you did it easier. However, you should know how to insert a drop down in Excel because that is a benefit and a skill which is used oftenly in work.

Remove a Drop-down List

Only some simple steps, you can delete a drop down list easily.

S1: highlight the cells with a drop down list.

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S2: on the top, in the Data Tool group you choose Data Validation.

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S3: choose clear all in the left corner.

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(This video is detail instruction about remove a drop down list).

Conclusion, to save time and save my mind and money I have some advice for you: take notes on this one and do it frequently. I recommend you choose a format, such as a fill color, so it’s easy to find.
Now, adding a drop down in Excel any longer is difficult if you know this way.



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